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6 steps to book your trip to the snow this season

Booking a trip to the snow in Australia can be one of the most challenging and frustrating experiences for a family.

In this quick guide we break the process down into six simple steps to make a snow trip to Mt Baw Baw (or elsewhere) as easy as possible. So just how do you go about planning a trip to the snow?

Mt Baw Baw’s toboggan park in action. The park features a magic carpet and snowmaking.

Step 1.
Think about how you’ll get here.

First things first. If you plan to drive from Melbourne or elsewhere is important to check if your vehicle is suitable for travelling to the snow. Some vehicles with low profile tires and low clearance for example just cannot fit snow chains.

Snow chains are a legal requirement at ski resorts in Australia including Mt Baw Baw and can either be purchased or hired. You can hire snow chains on the way to Mt Baw Baw, at the gate from us (includes fitting) or order them from a retailer before the season.

If you’d rather avoid the hassle of driving – consider booking a shuttle from Melbourne with a Mt Baw Baw bus transfer company.

Step 2.
Think about the clothes you’ll wear

Mountain weather can change quickly throughout the day so it’s best to bring multiple layers so you can be comfortable with all conditions. We recommend a three layer system – start with a base layer that is wool or synthetic (cotton holds moisture and makes you cold). Then put a warm layer on top, such as a down jacket or other non-cotton layer. Finally, have a waterproof and windproof layer that will act as a shield to the conditions.

It’s a good idea to bring spare clothing in case you get wet – a common occurrence in snowball fights!

Finally, you’ll also need a beanie, good gloves, long non-cotton socks, waterproof shoes, sunglasses or goggles, and sunscreen for sunny days.

Clothing such as jackets, boots, beanies and gloves, can be purchased in advance or rented at the Resort.

Step 3.
Book ski lessons, ski hire or activities like dingo walk experiences

Australia’s ski resorts offer a range of experiences beyond just skiing. Ski lessons typically sell out the earliest so it is important to book those before (or at the same time) as your resort entry passes.

At Mt Baw Baw we offer a range of packages that include all of these things in one single purchase. For example, you can get chains, entry, toboggan hire and passes AND lunch for less than $300 for a family of four! You can also purchase these things separately if you wish.

Skis and snowboards can be hired in advance or on the resort at one of the many ski hire businesses.

Step 4.
Make sure you have a resort entry pass

Resort entry passes are required at Victoria’s ski resorts during the winter season. At Mt Baw Baw you can book these passes online and in advance. Booking at the gate is possible but on peak days and weekends sell outs may occur and you may miss out.

We recommend booking 7-14 days in advance at least especially when snow conditions are good as we can reach capacity.


Step 5.
Purchase your lift and toboggan passes (if you haven’t already)

Lift passes and toboggan passes are required to use the ski areas and toboggan parks at most of Australia’s ski resorts (with cross-country skiing being an exception).

While booking lift passes is 5th on the list it is recommended that you consider booking these all together with 3 and 4 to avoid problems. It is important to note that anyone who accesses the ski areas or ski bowl at Mt Baw Baw requires a pass – even if you’re not using the lifts.

Step 6.
Arrive and have fun!

Once you’ve booked everything you’ll need the only thing left to do is get excited! Here’s some hot tips for those visiting a ski resort in Australia.

  • Keep an eye on the Resort’s live cameras or subscribe to snow reports to see the latest snow conditions
  • Make sure you have a copy of your passes printed or on a fully charged phone so we can scan the barcode
  • We recommend leaving as early as possible if you’re coming from Melbourne to make the most of your day – you don’t want to miss your lesson
  • Collect your chains along the way if you hired them from one of the friendly chain hire businesses
  • Booking accommodation takes the stress out of travelling to and from the ski resorts in a single day – consider staying with options from just $130/night for two!
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