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Tobogganing in Australia & Melbourne: Your guide to it all

Tobogganing, or sledding, is an activity most don’t think of when they visit Australia or Melbourne. However – there are a number of places where you can toboggan in Australia most of which are located in one of the country’s Alpine Resorts.
tobogganing in australia

A girl tobogganing at Mt Baw Baw, Australia – Melbourne’s closest downhill ski resort

So what is “tobogganing”?

Tobogganing is an activity that involves sliding down a snowy slope for fun! The word “toboggan” is derived from French and usually refers to a sled used for kids to play on snow. Sleds themselves have been around for a long time and were used to transport people or items in snowy areas. In Australia toboggans are typically made of plastic and are moulded into a bowl shape.

Where can I toboggan in Australia?

Mt Baw Baw is Melbourne’s closest ski resort and runs snowmaking on its toboggan areas from June to September to ensure we have the park open regardless of natural snow conditions.

  • Mt Baw Baw (us!)
  • Lake Mountain
  • Mt Buller
  • Ben Lomond
  • Dinner Plain
  • Corin Forest
  • Selwyn Snow Resort

Mt Baw Baw operates multiple toboggan parks. Our main Frosti Frog Park in the centre of the village and an overflow park near Carpark 1. Some resorts such as Thredbo have banned tobogganing all together so check before you travel.

When is toboggan season in Australia?

Australia’s snow season and our tobogganing season here at Mt Baw Baw runs from June (Kings Birthday Weekend) to September. The end of the season depends on snow conditions. The toboggan park typically opens all season.

How much does tobogganing cost Australia?

Mt Baw Baw offers toboggan passes for $20 per person which will give you access for a day or session depending on the time of season. Mt Baw Baw is typically the cheapest of Australia’s mainland ski resorts to visit.

How far is Mt Baw Baw from Melbourne

Mt Baw Baw is located just 2.5 hours from Melbourne and can be accessed most easily by car.

Is tobogganing dangerous?

Tobogganing is generally a very safe activity if you follow some simple steps. We also recommend tobogganing at a Resort that has a dedicated toboggan area and ski patrol staff like Mt Baw Baw.

  • Avoid tobogganing on extremely steep slopes or near cliff edges – thing about how you are going to stop
  • Wear a helmet
  • Avoid excessive speed – broken legs are the most common injury when sledding
  • Follow safety prompts from Resort and Ski Patrol
Have a question about tobogganing in Australia?

Drop us a message or contact us and we’ll help answer what we can.

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