Capacity reached Saturday 20th July

Day passes for entry have sold out today, Saturday 19th.

Visiting Sunday? Arrive early and be prepared to fit chains. Snowfall is forecast through the weekend. The best time to arrive is 8-10am.

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We’ve answered a lot of common questions below; if you still need help give us a call!

First time to Mt Baw Baw or the snow? Coming back after a long time away? We’ve created this handy First Timer’s Guide and Frequently Asked Questions page.

We also recommend checking out the fantastic Snow Safe Australia website.

What to wear

How should I dress?

When visiting the snow, it is important to prepare for all weather conditions. We recommend using a layering system:

  • First start with a base layer (thermals/undergarments) avoiding cotton as it holds cold moisture.
  • Next is your warmth layer, down jackets, other jackets to keep you warm.
  • Finally, we recommend having an outer shell layer to protect you from the wind, rain and snow.

You may not wear all of these items on the day, but the weather in Alpine environments is unpredictable and can change quickly. It is also a good idea to pack spares in case you do get your clothes wet.

What sort of things should I bring?

  • Waterproof jacket, pants and gloves
  • Warm base layer (thermals)
  • Beanie, Sunglasses/goggles
  • Sunscreen & Lip balm
  • Long thick socks
  • Waterproof shoes/boots
  • Scarf or neck warmer

Waterproof gear, gloves and ski and snowboard equipment are available for hire at the Retail and Rental Store on the mountain.

Do I need a helmet?

We highly recommend that all guests wear helmets while skiing or snowboarding, even though they are not mandatory on the slopes.

Driving in the Snow

How do I drive in the snow?

Mt Baw Baw is an exciting place to enjoy your holidays but driving in the snow can be a daunting experience. Familiarise yourself with how to adjust your driving to ensure a safe and comfortable journey.

  • When driving uphill, maintain a steady speed of around 30-40kph. Once stopped, it may be difficult to start moving again especially in heavy snow.
  • When travelling downhill, always put your car into a low gear (1st or 2nd)
  • Avoid sudden braking or turning as this increases the risk of sliding
  • Avoid braking on corners, brake in advance
  • Keep a safe distance from the vehicle in front; 5 seconds is ideal
  • Use your fog lights or low beam lights in all conditions to increase visibility
  • Even if the road is clear; be wary of black ice and drive cautiously

Where can I hire or buy snow chains?

Chains help to provide extra traction in snowy and icy conditions. All vehicles must carry snow chains during the declared snow season. This is checked at resort entry and enforced.

  • Chains can be hired in advance (Baw Baw Sports & Outdoors in Neerim South, Baw Baw Chain Hire in Noojee or Erica Ski Hire) or at Resort Entry (limited supply)
  • Chains can also be purchased at major auto stores such as Autobarn and Super Cheap Auto
  • Chain fitting is available at Resort Entry at a cost, but we advise you to be prepared to fit them yourself to avoid delays
  • Diamond patterned chains are required; older style ladder chains are no longer in use

Please note: Chains are typically only fitted onto either the two front or rear wheels of the vehicle. Please refer to your vehicle’s manual for recommendations on which wheels require chain fitting.

Should I check my car before visiting?

Yes. It is important to check your car before leaving for the snow.

  • Check your battery – The cold can affect your battery, particularly if it is a few years old. Cars parked at the resort with lights on, or when staying overnight may go flat quickly.
  • Check your AC / Heater – You may need to use your air conditioner to demist your windscreen. You’ll probably want to stay warm, as well.
  • Antifreeze – It is recommended you put antifreeze in your radiator (check your car manual or consult your local mechanic about what is best for your car).
  • Diesel Cars – If you have a diesel car it is best to fill up with Alpine Diesel mix or use additives before you go to prevent your fuel ‘waxing’ in the low temperatures. Some local service stations sell Alpine diesel otherwise the additive can be purchased at any major auto store.
  • Check Your Chains – Practice fitting your snow chains, check their size and condition. Do not use unsafe or ill-fitting chains.

Can I refuel at the resort?

There are no refueling stations at the resort and the closest stations are around 60km away.

  • Fill up when you leave home, and check your fuel again when departing Moe, Warragul, or the Yarra Valley.
  • You should have 3/4 of a tank when leaving the towns above or exiting the highway
  • You’ll need extra fuel in case of delays on the road that require you to idle

Is there a resort entry fee?

Yes. Victorian Resorts charge a resort entry fee during snow season. More information.

Do I still have to pay if coming after hours?

Yes. If arriving after hours, you’ll need to visit Guest Services the following day to pay a Resort Entry fee or risk a fine. We do not recommend arriving at the resort outside of Resort Entry operating hours as road clearing and assistance may not be available.

Frequently Asked Questions (General)

When is the best time to visit?

It depends on what you are looking for!

  • Snow season (or “White Season”) runs from June to the first week of October.
  • Green season (or “Summer”) runs from October until May.

Peak snow season runs from late June to early September.

Is there accommodation in the village?

Yes, in both winter and summer. You can book online or give Guest Services a call on 03 5165 1136.

Are there any restaurants?

Yes, there are three or more food outlets open in Winter, as well as some limited basic groceries available in Guest Services. Village Central Restaurant is open in summer and winter.

Where do I park? / Do I have to pay for parking?

Day visitors can park in Car Park 1 at the top of the resort in winter and summer. Overnight guests in winter must relocate their cars to one of the lower carparks. All parks are close to the village with no shuttle needed. There is no charge for parking in summer, however in winter a resort entry fee is charged which includes parking.

Do you have Wi-Fi?

Yes, free guest Wi-Fi is available throughout the village and password vouchers can be collected from Guest Services.

Do you have ATMs?

There are no cash machines and cash out is not available. We prefer card payments wherever possible.

Can I pay with cash for my Resort Entry?

The Resort Entry booth is card only. We recommend pre-booking resort entry and hiring chains from a local supplier before you arrive.

Is alcohol available for purchase?

Yes, it is available year-round at Village Central Restaurant.

Do you sell cigarettes?

No, cigarettes are not for sale on the mountain.

Do you have showers?

There are not public showers available. There are change rooms in the Visitor Centre in the carpark.

Do you have storage lockers?

Yes, Storage lockers are available at Mt Baw Baw Ski Hire for a fee.

Can we camp at the resort?

Camping is NOT permitted within the resort boundaries for the public. A special permit is required for school groups who wish to camp inside the resort boundary.

Do you have childcare?

Unfortunately, we do not currently offer childcare services.

Is there somewhere I can eat my lunch?

Yes, located near the dingoes is a sheltered Warm Eating Area for guest use. This cannot be used overnight and is open only during standard business hours.

Can I bring my BBQ?

No. We do have an electric BBQ picnic area near the Warm Eating Area. Open fires are restricted in the village without a permit. Open fires are also restricted in the National Park.

Frequently Asked Questions (Winter)

Do I need snow chains? / Where can I hire snow chains?

Snow chains are a legal requirement and must be carried in your vehicle at all times during the declared snow season.

We recommend hiring chains before you arrive at the Resort to save money and delays.

Please see the information on snow chains above.

I forgot to return my chains. How can I return them?

You’ll need to post the chains to PO Box 117 (Business), Rawson, VIC, 3825. If you don’t return chains you may be charged a replacement fee of up to $350 depending on the type and replacement cost of chains.

I have a 4WD - do I need to carry chains?

Yes. Due to sections of steep terrain on the entry road all vehicles must carry chains.

I don't want to drive up to the village, do you have a shuttle?

Yes, you are able to park your car at our resort entry and from there we offer a shuttle service up to the village. You’ll still need to purchase a valid Resort entry pass for your vehicle. Learn more.

How do I get to Mt Baw Baw?

To get to Mt Baw Baw, driving is the most convenient option. We also offer a shuttle service from Resort Entry, if you prefer not to drive up the resort road. Alternatively, you can take a train followed by a shuttle bus from Moe station or the City. Another option is to hire a taxi from Moe station.
Further information on transportation choices here.

What is there to do there? (Winter)

Mt Baw Baw has a large variety of activities including downhill skiing, boarding, snow shoeing, dingo cuddles and tobogganing.

You can view a full list of our winter activities here. You can see our events page here.

How much does it cost to visit the snow?

You can see some example prices here or book a package.

Do you have ski lessons?

Yes, we have an amazing ski school up here offering lessons for beginners through to those who are looking to advance their skills. You can read more about the ski school here or you can contact them at throughout the winter season.

Do I have to pay if I just want to toboggan/snow play?

Enjoy playing in the snow at no cost.
Toboggan park passes are $20 per person (toboggan hire not included).
Toboggan hire and session pass, which includes hire, costs $40 per person.
Sessions apply due to capacity restrictions.

*prices subject to change

Can we use our own toboggans?

You are welcome to bring your own toboggan provided it meets safety requirements. The only type of toboggans permitted are the hard molded plastic variety. Snow bikes, modified toboggans, shoes or other devices other than skis and boards are not allowed.

Which lifts are open?

The website is updated early every morning with the lifts/runs that are open, you can find this information here.

How many lifts do you have?

You can view the number of lifts by visiting our Lift Report page.

Do I need a lift pass?

All individuals must have a valid lift pass for skiing or snowboarding. The lift pass includes access to all the lifts operating that day and the magic carpets in the ski bowl area. Remember to also buy a lift ticket if attending a ski or snowboard lesson as they are not included.

What type of lifts do you have? Do I have to ski to use the lifts?

All of our lifts are surface tows also known as ground tows – we do not have chair lifts. You will need to have skis or a snow board to use them.

Are the runs groomed?

Yes, the runs are groomed every night subject to weather. Our cross country trails are groomed prior to weekends where snow and other conditions permit.

What's the weather up there? Is it snowing?

For current conditions;

  • view our live web cameras
  • you can check out our snow report that is updated every morning around 6.30am
  • head to the BOM website for the most accurate forecasts

Where can I hire gear?

There are two ski hire stores on the mountain as well as a several in the townships on your way up. You can read more about ski hire here.

Do you guarantee snow?

We cannot guarantee that natural snow will fall before or during your visit. However the Resort does operate a Snow Factory which guarantees snow in our beginner lesson areas.

Do we need snow shoes to go on the trails?

Snow shoes are required when walking on the trails in winter due to preservation of the snow. They are available for hire on the mountain from Mt Baw Baw Ski Hire.

Frequently Asked Questions (Summer)

What is there to do there in summer?

Summer is a great time to visit Mount Baw Baw, we have many great activities for those who love to be outdoors e.g. Hiking, mountain biking, disc golf all of which are free. We also offer dingo encounters which can be booked through Guest Services. You can read more about summer activities here.

Where is the best view?

There is a great view of the valley from the Village Central Restaurant balcony. Mueller’s Lookout at summit and Big Hill are also fantastic views but are not accessible by walking in winter without the proper ski or snow shoe equipment.

Can I camp within the Resort?

No. Camping is prohibited within the Resort boundaries without a permit.

Can I have a camp fire at the resort?

Fires are strictly prohibited at all times in summer due to extreme fire risks. Limited permits for certain types of fire may be issued by the Resort in winter by emailing

Do I have to pay to use the mountain bike trails?

No, they are free to use for guests. Trails may be closed on event days to members of the public. Please be wary of hikers on shared trails.

Can I run my own private DH1 shuttle?

Yes, you are more than welcome to organise your own shuttles however we reserve the right to restrict it on event days such as the VDHS weekend. Vehicular access to summit is restricted to resort staff only.

Do I have to pay for disc golf?

The course is free to use throughout summer and discs are available for hire from guest services for a small refundable deposit.

Pets & Animals

Can I bring my dog or other pet?

Dogs, cats and other pets are not permitted within the Resort or National Park to ensure the safety of our native wildlife and flora.

Service dogs and service animals are permitted within the Resort and National Park for specific purposes such as assisting people with disabilities, to assist in search and surveillance and those in a vehicle in transit through a National Park on a major through-road.

Please note: the information on our website is meant as a guide only and we take no responsibility for any errors. Prices are subject to change. Please view detailed pages or contact the resort for the latest prices. For more detailed “first-time” information read the Snow Safe Guide.

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