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During peak season, our ski lift passes and toboggan park passes always have chances to sell out.

We highly recommend booking in advance to avoid missing out or consider alternate activities like snowshoeing.

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Our Environment

Help us conserve and protect the beautiful 
alpine environment

Mt Baw Baw Alpine Resort is located in a pristine natural setting enclosed by the Baw Baw National Park and takes its responsibility to the environment seriously.

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Peaking Interest 
in our Mountains

Get involved in this citizen science project!

Help us to discover, track and document the flora and fauna that call our Victorian Resorts home. By submitting your observations you are contributing to a broader database of citizen science observations that will be utilised by scientists, researchers and land managers to conserve our unique alpine environment. Have fun discovering the nature of Victoria’s Alpine Resorts!

Communities across the Victorian Alpine Resorts are invited to participate by sharing their environmental discoveries on the peaks of Mt Baw Baw, Lake Mountain, Mt Buller/Stirling, Mt Hotham and Falls Creek.
Victoria’s Alpine Resorts are located within the highest elevation parts of the state with habitat that includes tree-less peaks and sub-alpine woodlands. These areas are home to a number of threatened flora and fauna species.

By recording plants and animals, whether they be native or introduced, we can increase our understanding of natural values within the resorts and track any changes that may be occurring, such as changing flowering times with climate change.


What is Mt Baw Baw doing to reduce 
its waste?

At Mt Baw Baw we are continually aiming to improve our environmental impact. The Resort has recently implemented a new program designed to allow for continuous improvement to further reduce the amount of waste sent to landfill.

The resort has invested in 7 hutches and 8 stainless-steel dual-stream enclosures around the village with more rolled out in the future.

These hutches and bins will improve separation of waste and drastically reduce the amount of wast escaping into the environment. From 2019 the resort has also secured the services of a new waste management provider.

We invite customers, stakeholders and businesses participate with our new waste management system. This will assist in easier for our team to successfully achieve the goals associated with the mountain’s environmental responsibility. With an initial goal of 40% recycling, we will also be looking to further divert waste from landfill by introducing more separation streams in future years.

How can I help?

Lodge guests and operators; waste is required to be bagged and placed in either the closest waste ‘hutch’ or the closest ‘lodge waste only’ wheelie bins. Please put all recycling from lodges in clear plastic bags and general waste in black bags. Waste that is not in a black or clear bag will not be disposed of. All bins and hutches will be checked and cleared on a regular schedule. Please do not place lodge waste in the day visitor bins. Please also ensure bags are light enough to be lifted by hand.

Day visitors; please recycle where possible by using the bins provided. Yellow wheelie bins and stainless steel bin enclosures are located around the village. When skiing or using the walking trail network, please carry your rubbish with you until you find a bin.

What can I recycle?

Just like at home, comingled recycled consists of:

  • Cardboard (if clean and not oily)
  • Plastic bottles & containers^
  • Glass bottles & jars
  • Metal cans and containers

^ Please remove lids from all plastic bottles.

For larger cardboard such as boxes, they must be flattened and placed in the nearest garbage hutch or dedicated cardboard bin. General waste consists of any waste that cannot be recycled, excluding hazardous waste and building materials.

Water Management

Ther location of Mt Baw Baw Alpine Resort at the top of important catchments, and close to critical habitats means that we take extra care protecting and conserving our water.

How does the resort collect its water?

The water catchment for the Resort, Dam Valley, is located in a protected valley above the village. The village is supplied by surface water from rainfall runoff and snowmelt. Runoff in the catchment flows through sphagnum moss, which acts as a filter for suspended particulate matter. A small weir captures water and directs it into two 400,000 litre concrete storage tanks which service the village. These tanks are filled by gravity with overflow discharging back into the headwaters of the Tanjil River – Eastern Branch.

How can I conserve water?

Tank overflow occurs during winter and spring however during summer and parts of autumn (February-April) resort demand increases. During this time water saving measures may be put in place to avoid running the village supply dry.

Lodges operators;

  • Installation of water saving shower heads, toilets and other fixtures
  • Repair of leaky taps, pipes or connections
  • Avoid unnecessary washing or cleaning
  • aAdvise Guests during dry periods (Feb-Apr)
  • Guests / Day visitors;
  • Avoid washing bikes and cars unless resort approval has been sought
  • Turn off taps firmly when not in use and report leaking pipes
  • Following water use signage / advice in your lodge

Is the water good to drink?

The water at Mt Baw Baw is treated and is perfectly safe for drinking (in fact, we think it’s some of the best). It’s treated with chlorination and UV with regular testing to comply with Public Health legislation. During some parts of the year you may notice a slight discolouration. This is due to naturally occuring minerals and does not impact the quality of the water.

Does the resort add anything to it’s man made snow?

The resort does not currently add “snow inducers” such as SnoMax to our snowmaking. A very small amount of salt is added to the snow from the Snow Factory.

Animals & Pets

Can I bring my dog/cat/bird to the resort?

At this time pets are not allowed within the resort (excluding licensed guide animals).

Please leave Spotty at home.

Daily Snow Reports

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Book before you travel

Toboggan park and lift passes have sold out for many days across the remainder of the school holidays.

Please visit on another day if you have not pre-purchased your resort entry, activities, lessons and passes for the day of your visit.

We recommend booking in advance on school holidays, visiting on dates that are not sold out or trying an alternate activity like snowshoeing.

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